Welcome to 99dances

We connect dancers, teachers, and dance studios around the world with events and independent sellers.

“Don’t know where to dance? We were, too! ”

I’m a dancer just like you and a few years ago when I started to dance, it was quite difficult to find where to dance or learn.

My awesome friends most of the times saved me life but there was a lot of situations that I stayed at home. 🙁

I don’t want the same to happen to you!

So I started to follow websites, groups, blogs, and even receiving dancers at my place through the couch-surfing community. As you can expect, I became one those friends that always know where to go.

Then 99dances was born with one goal, to help dancers around the world to never lose a dancing opportunity again.

On top of the possibility to find classes, parties, festivals, and workshops, we are building tools to allow anyone to buy and sell dance related items.

Gonçalo Silva
CEO & Founder

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